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Contact us today for any questions that you may have on your lot's seal coating needs. You will notice that our services will assist in reducing your need for frequent repairing as time passes. Severe cold and heat will cause your lot to expand or shrink, which can cause potholes to develop. We offer seal coating services to protect your driveway or other outdoor area from this wear and tear.


Make sure your surface is well protected

A Wells Paving has been serving Harrisburg, PA and all of South Central Pennsylvania for 30 years


• Shiny black then dull after 1 week

• Soaks in and restores elasticity

• Better for newer driveways

• Spray applied

• Use with sealer/sand for cracks

• Used year around


Gilstone sealer

• Grayish/blue or black color

• Lays on top of the surface

• Better for stressed, old, damaged or cracked driveways

• Spray or brush/squeegee applied

• Used with cold pour crack sealants as hot pour will tend to bleed through

• Use only when temperature is 50 degrees or better with no rain in the forecast for 12-24 hours

• Makes smoother

Coal tar emulsion sealer

Call today to get your surface protected.

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